A new beginning

I’ve sat down and tried to draft out a blog post so many times and haven’t been able to think of what to say.  2019 was hectic and complicated due to illness, a busy time at work, trying to finish off a house extension and all sorts of other things.  I still managed to get two books out A Runaway Bride for the Highlander and A Midsummer Knight’s Kiss (and even more incredibly managed to write one and a half more).

The upshot is that I’ve been very quiet here for a long time.  I loved joining in Medieval Monday but moving into the Tudor period meant I wasn’t as relevant to that.

2020 looks set to be interesting.

Uncovering the Merchant’s Secret is out next week.  It’s my ninth book which feels unreal. If someone had told me in 2010 I’d have published one book, let alone nine I’d have laughed.

My tenth manuscript is almost good to go and is yet another change of direction because it is Victorian.

I’ve signed a two book contract with One more Chapter books which I’m incredibly excited about (and a little nervous at the change of direction).

I’ve also joined a gym (five visits so far- go me).

I want to reengage with this blog as I don’t use it enough. I might even try revamp the style if I can work out how.  Watch this space.

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