Medieval Monday – new theme

A new Medieval Monday theme is starting next week.  To explain this to my new followers *waves hi* how it works, each week I’ll be featuring a short snippet from a different medieval author and they will be featuring my snippet on their website.

This time round we’re not sharing the same theme but each author has chosen her own.

My excerpt is from my most recent book, Redeeming the Rogue Knight . The theme I’ve chosen is ‘Home Truths’ (and there are plenty that Lucy has to deliver to Roger).

Below you can see where Roger will be paying a visit each week and who I will be hosting here.

medieval monday places

2 thoughts on “Medieval Monday – new theme”

    1. Hi Suzannah, thanks for dropping by. I’ll be sharing a new excerpt every week and saying where you can find mine. They’re always on the same blog as I’m sharing from.
      There isn’t a prize but we hope you enjoy the excerpts and discover some new authors you’d like to try.


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