The return of Medieval Monday

Next week we’re starting a new round of Medieval Monday with the fabulous theme of ‘First Encounter’.  Each week I’ll be featuring a snippet from a different Medieval romance and telling you where to go for the next instalment in that story.

How do the heroes and heroines meet?  Is it love at first sight? Instant hate? Sparks flying or hearts thumping?

I’m kicking off today with an excerpt from Redeeming the Rogue Knight.  The story will continue on Jenna Jaxon’s blog on August 7th and I’ll be featuring the first instalment of her story here so make sure to check out both blogs.

For now, here is the first part of the meeting between Roger and Lucy.

Two men pushed their way inside. One had his arm slung around the other’s shoulder and was being supported. He staggered as he walked, moaning softly and his tangled black hair obscured his face. The second man’s head was bowed under the strain of bearing his companion who was taller and broader.

Lucy gritted her teeth.

‘I don’t want drunks at this time of night.’

‘He isn’t drunk, he’s hurt,’ the supporting man wheezed. He raised his head and Lucy gave a cry of surprise at the face she had not seen since he declared his intention to fight with King Edward’s army in France.

‘Thomas? Is it really you?’

Lucy started forward, but her brother drew a short sword from beneath his cloak and brandished it. Lucy gave a squeak of alarm at the sight of her younger brother with such a fierce expression which ill suited his kind face. Thomas was an amiable dolt and to see him acting so fiercely was disconcerting.


RTRK NA cover


Redeeming the Rogue Knight is released in print on August 24th and ebook on September 1st.  You can preorder a copy here



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