Inspiration for ‘The Saxon Outlaw’s Revenge’ with Elisabeth Hobbes

Discover some of the places that inspired me when writing The Saxon Outlaw’s Revenge

Amanda Writes

‘They hanged the rebels in the market square.  Rain hung in the air.  Heavy drizzle that characterised this part of England: thicker than mist and turning the world grey and damp.

A cheerless day for a brutal act.’

30171931I was on a walk through the Cheshire countryside when the opening lines of my December release, The Saxon Outlaw’s Revenge popped into my head.  At that point I had no idea who the rebels were or how their deaths would impact on characters I had yet to meet but I could picture them perfectly in the grey wetness of a Cheshire autumn.  I had set my previous book, The Blacksmith’s Wife, in my hometown York and it felt a natural progression to set the next in my adopted area where I’ve lived for fifteen years.

Like Constance, the heroine of my story, when I moved to Cheshire I was struck…

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